The Untold Truth Of Jon Huertas

While it’s easy to look back at Jon Huertas’ long career as a working actor through the lens of success, the reality is far more complicated. In fact, there were periods when things got more than a little difficult for him. “I, at one point, for about two weeks, was in my truck with two dogs and all my stuff in the back of my pickup truck covered in a tarp,” Huertas revealed in an interview with ET. “I didn’t have a roof and I didn’t know how soon I was going to get one.”

Huertas was able to get back on his feet, he explained, by “reaching out to people” who cared enough to help. As a result, he’s become a passionate advocate for helping others who find themselves homeless. “We, as neighbors, can reach out to let them know that we think about them, that we can help them if they want it,” he said.

As Huertas pointed out, the face of homelessness can sometimes be deceiving. “You can’t look at someone and go, ‘That person’s homeless.’ You don’t know who is and who isn’t,” he explained. “Some people dress like they don’t care and their clothes are tattered; they might live in an apartment somewhere. There are people who dress very nice, but they may live in their car or even crashing on someone’s couch.”


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