The Untold Truth Of Andrew Garfield

In the movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” Andrew Garfield played the war hero Desmond Doss. The story involved Doss saving 75 people on a “death-defying battlefield,” and Garfield admitted to Wired that filming the battle scenes was physically demanding. He joked that on the first day, it only took him carrying one guy to become exhausted. “I literally had to lay down for two hours,” he said. The experience had the actor praising the real-life hero for his “superhuman” efforts.

The actor endured more difficult environments while working on the film “Silence” by Martin Scorsese. While on location in Taiwan for four months, “Garfield slept three hours a night, trekked mountainous terrain, endured typhoons, and fasted enough to lose 40 pounds,” The Guardian reported. During this time, he remembered having “vivid nightly dreams about food.” He also went through intense spiritual training at home before traveling to Taiwan. He worked with a priest and used an apartment in Manhattan “as a quasi-monastic retreat” where he performed “rigorous spiritual exercises,” per The New York Times. This included fasting and prayer, which overall contributed to what Garfield described as a “deep spiritually transformative experience.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who directed Garfield in his film “Tick, Tick… Boom!,” said that the actor is well-known for his devotion to his craft, even at his own expense. “No one suffers as beautifully as Andrew,” Miranda told Variety. “That’s hard to do, and I think he’s sought after for that.”


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