The Truth About RuPaul and Miley Cyrus’ Relationship

Miley Cyrus made her debut on the 2020 “The Tonight Show.”Joe Rogan Experience.” During her interview of two hours, she took the time to discuss her favorite show. “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”She was so passionate about the competition series that she had to retract one of her statements. “When I said earlier ‘I’m not religious,’ that’s a lie,”She spoke. “I am RuPauls-byterian. I f*** with RuPaul. RuPaul is God.”

Rogan observed, while watching clips from the show with the star, “They all do the same move.”Cyrus quickly responded. “That’s what I think when I’m watching your shows, too, you know? All the same stuff.”

Cyrus’s devotion to the show and charismatic host could be partially due to the fact she was a guest judge on Season 11. In a hilarious ClipHe tried to get undercover as a crewmember. However, the queens soon discovered who was in their company. RuPaul was later featured on a Cyrus song that aimed to end the Nicki Minaj feud.


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