The Truth About Nicole’s and Pedro’s Relationship in 90-Day Fiance

Pedro Jimeno may be protective of his little sister but he doesn’t hesitate to put her on fire. Pedro called Nicole Jimeno after learning that Nicole Jimeno’s boyfriend Alejandro Padron was still married. Slamming, “You’re a liar and you really like hiding things.”He called her then “shameless,”He said that he was shocked she was following her mother’s lead and even went so far to warn her that Alejandro would cheat on her. During a June 2020 episode on NBC, Pedro also publicly criticised Nicole. “90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined” (via TouchHe also accused her of having abandoned their mother in Dominican Republic during a pandemic. Nicole had traveled to the United States to visit her friend, but COVID-19 was still raging. She stressed that it wasn’t her fault. “I didn’t do this to my mom on purpose; I didn’t know this was all going to happen,”She agreed.

Jump to 2021. Pedro actually called the cops for his sister following The Dominican Republic is the scene of a heated argument. It began when Nicole shared with Chantel that Pedro had been unfaithful to Coraima. Chantel went on the run after Chantel’s mother, telling Chantel to “go to hell”Throwing a glass at her. Pedro physically took his sister out the room and yelled at her. “You go too far. You’re crazy.”Then he Appelled the policeHe stated that he needed someone who could talk to her down, because she was stubborn. “out of control.”


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