The True Meaning Behind ‘Smokin Out The Window’ By Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson. Paak)

“Must’ve spent thirty-five, forty-five thousand up in Tiffany’s (Oh no) / Got her bada** kids runnin’ ’round my whole crib / Like it’s Chuck E. Cheese,” Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak now-famously open on “Smokin Out the Window,” via Genius. Although it sounds like whoever they’re with is enjoying the perks of their lifestyle, the pricey situation apparently goes way beyond that.

Just take a listen to the pre-chorus, which is when the duo adds, “This b***h got me payin’ her rent, payin’ for trips / Diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrists.” Beyond that, even though the stars are supposedly putting up the money for everything, it’s not paying off for them in return. That’s why they admit, “And here I am all alone (All alone) / I’m so cold, I’m so cold…” As if that wasn’t bad enough, back in the first verse, they note, “Put me in a jam with her ex-man in the UFC…” Yikes!

Bootsy Collins — who lent his signature sass to the album on songs like “After Last Night” — fully breaks down what’s happening, saying, “Wait a minute, this love started out so tender, so sweet / But now she got me smokin’ out the window.” And that’s not a good thing because there’s so much more to the term “smoking out the window” than just taking a break with a cigarette.


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