The Transformation Of Benjamin Bratt From Childhood To Law & Order

In the wake of his “Juarez” appearance, Benjamin Bratt went ahead and kept looking for work in front of the camera wherever he could get it. Now in his mid-20s, he’d land roles in “Lovers, Partners & Spies,” as well as the TV movie, “Police Story: Gladiator School,” as the ’80s wound down. These credits would bring him to “Knightwatch”: a short-lived series about a ragtag group of kids that become vigilantes, with Bratt leading the pack as Tony Maldonado. He only got to do so for nine episodes, though, since the show failed to catch on and swiftly ended.

Undeterred, Benjamin Bratt stayed on the acting grind, and sure enough, another extended gig came his way. He found a spot on NBC’s “Nasty Boys” as Eduardo Cruz — a role he’d played previously in a TV movie of the same name — for its entire 13-episode run. Much like “Knightwatch,” it didn’t stick around for long, once again leaving Bratt without steady work. Thankfully, cinematic projects like “One Good Cop,” “Demolition Man,” “Clear and Present Danger,” and “Homicide: Life on the Street” kept him busy as the new millennium approached.


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