The Tragic Demise Of Young and Restless Star Mishae’s Extended Family

The Go Fund MeMishae Morgan shared this page on social media to shed some light on the terrible incident that claimed five lives. It was confirmed that the fire started at 2 AM on March 28th in their Brampton, Ontario home. This tragic incident claimed the lives of Raven Alisha Ali O’Dea and Nazir Ali O’Dea. “Our three little angels were their grandparent’s pride and joy. Their smiles would light up the room as their curiosity usually got the best of them,”Bismah Ali was Morgan’s sister in law. She also added: “As a family, we are devastated to lose two generations in a blink of an eye. Our homes are broken as we mourn a loss that we can never replace.”

The Go Fund Me page has raised over $58,000 Canadian Dollars as of March 31 with the goal of $150,000. This will be used to pay for the funeral expenses of the five-member family. Raven’s mother, Bonnie O’Dea (also a resident of the house), survived the fire but is now in critical condition. Global News.

Louie Felipa is Raven’s father. Global NewsThe tragic incident was discussed by Bismah, who shared that their family’s house did not have working smoke detectors due to renovations. Bismah said that the outlet was correct. “It’s just really devastating and we’re going to miss them. And I feel like it’s never going to be the same.”


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