The Tragic Death Of Author Anne Rice

Although Anne Rice was a prolific author, she was most notable for her “Vampire Chronicles” collection, reported The New York Times. This series included her iconic debut novel, “Interview With the Vampire,” and “Queen of the Damned,” which both became movies. “Interview With the Vampire” starred Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and became a critical success, per IMDb. Rice would go on to write numerous more books about the vampire Lestat and the lore surrounding his life, publishing the most recent book in the series in 2018. Her series rekindled the love of vampires in modern culture and paved the way for other iconic vampire series and shows, like the “Twilight” series and “The Southern Vampire Mysteries,” which would be adapted into the TV show “True Blood.”

Rice didn’t just dive into the vampire genre, however. Under a series of pen names, she wrote erotic fiction and had recently begun to explore Christian themes in her writing. According to The New York Times, Rice grew up Roman Catholic but became disillusioned with the Church in her teens. Later in life, however, she seemed to find peace with the Catholic teachings and wrote a memoir about her spiritual journey. This experience with Catholicism was also apparent in many of her writings.

With such a large and wide-ranging bibliography, Rice will most likely be remembered for years to come, potentially even reaching immortality, just like her most notable protagonist.


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