The terrifying, 15,000 mph’space debris’ that can be blown out of ISS or even TRAP us to Earth in a horrifying and frightening world

A disc of space debris, orbiting at high speeds through space just above Earth’s Surface, is moving through space at speeds sufficient to cause more damage than the International Space Station.

It is possible that space travel could be limited in the future because of Earth’s dense orbit, both man-made as well as natural.


Nasa monitors more than 27,000 pieces space junkCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Since the The International Space Station has been assembled it has never gone unmanned


It has been manned every single time since the construction of The International Space Station.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Nasa and the United States Space Force have a network of sensors scanning the sky and keeping tabs on all 27,000 piecesSpace larger than 10cm.

Objects orbiting Earth travel at approximately 15,000 miles an hour. This is fast enough to cause serious damage if they collide with satellites or space ships.

A Blue Origin engineer Post an imageA block of aluminum that was almost pulverized by a piece space debris less than an ounce collided while it was in orbit.

CNETIt was reported that the International Space Station has to perform about one evasive maneuver per annum to avoid any collisions with space junk.

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Scientists are now examining the danger that space trash presents to Earth’s life and our hopes of travelling to space.

The Kessler Syndrome is a theory that Earth’s orbit will become so crowded that debris will just keep colliding, creating a field of space trash thick enough that we’re forced to ground space travel.

Elon Musk is one of the most vocal proponents of space travel. He has added over 2,500 Starlink satellites onto the disc of space debris gathering around Earth.

SpaceX will add 42,000 satellites to lower Earth orbit. This is much to the dismay of astronomers.

China tested a military satellite to clear out space junk. Space.comReports indicate that many details were kept secret due to the military nature the mission.

Stargazers who were eagle-eyed discovered that the Shijan-21Satellite flew another satellite in space junk to safe distances of 3,000km from Earth.Graveyard“.

Many of the plans for space travel and operations in the 21st century will be carried out by private companies, rather than public agencies.

Private companies could be held responsible for space litter in the future. Currently, there is no regulation.


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