The Suicide Squad 2021 is unlike its predecessor; the film features a prison that reflects the Nazi-era where a powerful alien is trapped. It’s up to the dysfunctional villains accompanied by Rick Flag to save the day!

The Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn did it again! When you think a franchise is down in the water or a comic book team isn’t up to the mark, filmmakers like James Gunn prove to the world why they are best at what they do! Guardians of the Galaxy comics weren’t as popular as their motion picture counterparts. The credit goes to the actor and the stellar star cast. Gunn did the same with a 2016 critically panned film of the same name directed by David Ayer.

The Suicide Squad 2

At the beginning of the film, Gunn avoided several problems that existed with the Ayer version. He dropped some of the essential characters on a remote island, and almost all of them are dead! We know Jaw-dropping is melancholic and could make you regret why you are watching the film. Then, the story takes a different turn where the real Task Force X is revealed, and over time, you’ll fall in love with all characters, mainly with Idris Elba as Bloodsport and John Cena as Peacemaker.

You’ll fall in love with; Polka-Dot Man portrayed by David Dastmalchian, Ratcatcher 2. Also, Sylvester Stallone as Nanaue, the demigod, is nothing less than a showstopper.

What makes The Suicide Squad one the best offerings from DCEU?

James Gunn took chaos and turned it into an aesthetic element in the film by making the audience vouch for characters that they want to be alive. The sensory assault, Harley’s on-screen magic, and getting lost in the noise and destruction made The Suicide Squad a great accomplishment in 2021.

The film isn’t only about actions; instead, the comic element is well-calibrated. Bursts of intensified violence amalgamated with excellent background scores are nothing less than a treat for the lovers of the superhero genre.

The Suicide Squad 2

Did you think Deadpool is the most excellent R-rated film in the world? Well, after watching The Suicide Squad, you’ll feel Deadpool is a sweet film. The truth is Gunn has curated one of the most violent R-rated superhero blockbusters of all time. Being a fan of superhero films, if Gunn is given creative freedom to curate R-rated Marvel films, then it would change the entire dynamics of MCU.

From directing B-grade Hollywood films and making us fall in love with his work with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and The Suicide Squad, Gunn’s proved why he is the king of the superhero genre.