The Ross And Rachel Theory That Will Have You Rewatching The Friends Pilot

There are several threads on Reddit with a fan theory regarding Ross and Rachel. In one thread, the original poster posed the question that addressed that umbrella mishap that took place in the pilot episode. “Does anyone else think that Ross got bad luck in the first episode because he opened an umbrella inside?” the OP wrote.

And, unsurprisingly, several other Redditors agreed. “I’ve been thinking about that for years!” replied u/minisabo1999. “That’s why the show goes on and everything happens imo. Cause of that damn umbrella.”

Another “Friends” fan, u/Frens_Dont_Lie, went a step further and speculated that Ross’ relationship with Rachel was so “rocky” because she was “near him” when he opened the umbrella.

“When Ross is in the coffee shop meeting Rachel, his umbrella opens up unexpectedly, inside,” another Redditor, u/Smoothmotives, wrote. “This begins a 7 year bad luck streak with Rachel. Once the curse is lifted, Rachel tells Ross that he’s going to be a father.”


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