The Rock Drops Debut Rap Song And Fans Are Absolutely Loving It

The Rock/Instagram

With the debut of his first rap track, The Rock is now the most electrifying man in all entertainment. 

Dwayne Johnson is a man of many talents: he’s an absolute unit in the gym; he’s one of the biggest – if not the biggest – movie stars in the world; he’s a successful business man, launching tequila, sportswear and energy drink ventures; and, of course, there’s the small matter of his glimmering WWE legacy.

However, it would appear the world is simply not enough for The Rock. As of today, October 8, he’s officially a rapper.

You can listen to the track below: 

Johnson appears on Tech N9ne’s Face Off alongside King Iso and Joey Cool. ‘Pumped (& humbled) to drop MY 1ST RAP SONG with my brothers… honoured to add some Rock gasoline to their FIRE I’m excited for you to hear this song, I think you’re gonna dig it,’ he wrote ahead of its release on streaming services.

The Rock’s verse comes in at 2:58 on the track, rapping with Tech N9ne. ‘It’s about tribe, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour,’ the verse goes.

‘Put in the work, put in the hours and take what’s ours. Black and Samoan in my veins, my culture bangin’ with Strange. I change the game so what’s my motherf*ckin’ name… desecration, defamation, if you wanna bring it to the masses, face to face now we escalatin’ when I have to put boots to asses.

‘Mean on ya’ like a dream when I’m rumblin’, you’re gonna scream mama. So bring drama to the king Brahma comin’ at ya with extreme mana.’

It’s going down a storm with his fans. ‘Workout theme for the night… probably for the whole week, this songs fire!’ one wrote. ‘Broooo @TheRock dropping bars with @TechN9ne is Beeeeyooonndddd Epic,’ another tweeted. BRUH I AM SHOOK @TheRock WENT OFF ON THIS TRACK WOAH,’ a third wrote.

Several people have described as their next favourite workout song, which appears to have pleased The Rock. ‘That was one of the goals. Greatest workout anthem ever,’ he wrote.


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