The Real Reason Michael Weatherly gained weight while staring on NCIS

Michael Weatherly was 40 when he married Bojana Jankovic and 45 when he welcomed his second child. Within that time frame, the “NCIS” alum let his diet and exercise habits slide considerably. “I have two very small children … That means I had been living with a pregnant lady for a long time,”He told the story People2014. “While my wife never gave in too much to her Nutella craving, we weren’t doing too much.”

At the same time, his role as Tony DiNozzo on “NCIS”His job required him to work more hours. This meant that he had to eat out less often. “This is not an excuse, but the craft-service table is not filled with a lot of super healthy options. Then you get to working late, there’s pizza and Chinese food,”He stated. This was not the case for “NCIS”Crew members who were more involved in lifting and operating equipment. “I just tended to sit at the trough and continue to graze,”Weatherly added

Weatherly was able to use his willpower and discipline to make the necessary changes to reverse the situation. The actor lost 35 pounds between Season 11 and 12. He asked for the help of his active friends to get him exercising. “My friend and I have been swimming in the Pacific every weekend,”He told the story Closer Weekly. In September, he was strong enough to participate in a triathlon along with Teri Hatcher. 


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