The Real Reason Kevin Smith Says He’ll Never Direct An MCU Movie

In the past, Smith said that if he were to direct an MCU film, it would take him out of the realm of being a fan of the saga, and he simply doesn’t want to risk that. More importantly, Smith told Looper in an exclusive interview for the new documentary, “Clerk,” that he simply doesn’t think he has the merit to handle the scale of an MCU film.

“I’m not talented enough to do that stuff. You look at those movies, man. That takes a real visionary to pull that stuff off,” Smith said, humbly. “And granted, I know it’s a team, and they got … I’ve seen behind the Marvel curtain, the Marvel Cinematic Universe method. And I understand that it takes a village and there’s a bunch of people, but I would be the weakest link in that village.”

As such, Smith said he is content with remaining a consumer of the Marvel offerings, and nothing more.

“I love those movies to death, but I never ever sit there going like, ‘Well, this is what I would do different’ or ‘Oh, I wish I was making this.’ I always like to say the chef has to eat, too. And I’m used to preparing meals for people,” Smith observed. “And granted, they’re not sustaining meals, and they’re not fancy meals, but I know how to cook. I need to eat, too. And that’s what I eat. I consume that stuff. And oddly enough, I don’t output it. It’s not like I watch a Marvel movie and go like, ‘I want to make a Marvel movie.'”


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