The Real-Life Location From Which All The Bar Scenes Were Filmed at Cheers

The real thing is true “Cheers”He resides in Boston on Beacon Street. Forbes. It was originally known as “The Bull & Finch Pub”It opened in 1969. The 1895 year shown on the sign refers only to the fictional dive. However, after the huge success of the sitcom, the name was officially changed to “Cheers.”The show’s cast went to the real “Cheers” on occasion, for filming as well as celebrating certain milestones, like the series finale in 1993, as well as the show’s 200th episode in 1990.

So if you ever watched the show and wondered about those exterior glimpses of the bar, they are pretty much as close to real as it gets — at least as far as location goes. A second authentic Boston spot was used for the series (via Decider), filming a scene in the legendary Boston Garden arena, with real-life Celtic Kevin McHale (who appeared in two episodes), no less. Why? Because “Cheers”McHale and the gang need to count every bolt in the floor, one by one, to satisfy some trivia (or else the Celtics’ season is ruined). They lose their way and have to start all over again.

Even with so many of the “Cheers”Although there was plenty of action inside the bar’s walls, the producers found creative ways to enjoy Beantown. It’s great to know that everyone still knows your name.


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