The Real Intention Behind Aaron Sorkin’s Biopic Being The Ricardos

The last few words of that quote are a clear knock at the social media site in which “Being the Ricardos” casting complaints were arguably most prominent upon release of the film’s trailer. Though “The Social Network” scribe named Twitter specifically in that Variety interview, it’s clear at least part of Sorkin’s intent with “Being the Ricardos” is to explore parallels between sordid McCarthy-era politics and the ways in which speculation, misinformation, and insinuation across all social media platforms can often have the same effect.

Sorkin continued on that train of thought telling Variety he really hopes audiences grasp those parallels in the new film, “I hope the way they’ll react is that they’ll see some similarities between what’s happening to Lucy and what happens to a number of people that fall out of favor with Twitter.” As for his own views on social media platforms, the always-opinionated Sorkin pulled exactly zero punches in his estimation of the often toxic social realm, stating bluntly, “It just seems like when you walk into social media that you’re walking into a big room with mean graffiti all over the walls.”

Noble intentions aside, the jury is obviously still out on whether or not Sorkin succeeds in that endeavor, as “Being the Ricardos” doesn’t hit Amazon Prime Video until December 21, 2021. And whether he likes it or not, you can bet there will be plenty of chatter about the film in the social media realm. 


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