The ‘positioning flight’ can save you thousands of pounds

The next time you have to book a long-haul flight, it is possible to save thousands depending on how you book.

Called a “positioning”They are more expensive than regular flights, but they can be safer.


Change the way you book your flights to save thousands

Forbes lists the following: Positioning flights “a flight purchased for the sole purpose of getting you to another airport to start another trip”.

For those who don’t live close to an airport, they are common in the US.

If a flight departs from New York’s JFK, it is possible to get a lower flight rate if the airport has many international connections.

You don’t have to travel to these large airports. It could take you hours. Positioning flights can also be used from smaller airports.

It’s often more affordable to book the positioning flight from the airport prior to flying on the main part of your journey. After that, you can book all of the flights in a package.

This is commoner in the US because of the number of airports. But it is also possible in Europe.

According to Scott’s Discount FlightsThis could be a way to get bargain flights from Austin, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany and then book your second flight from Frankfurt, Berlin. The second leg is often cheaper than the Austin-to Berlin route.

His own example was to fly from Boston to Madrid, despite living in Washington – so booked a short flight from Baltimore for £100 to get to the airport.

And The Points Guy revealed how they saved £2,513 after trying to travel from Austin to Santorini – so instead flew to Frankfurt, and then sorted their own route from there to the Greek island.

Brits can also use it on UK airlines. If return flights from Edinburgh are less expensive than London, it may be cheaper for Brits to fly to the Scottish city.

There are some risks to this, but it’s not considered a layover. Because the first flight was booked independently, delays that could impact your second flight will not be considered.

You will be responsible for any missed flights, and not the carrier, if you do.

Scott warned: “As you have to book positioning flights separately from your primary flight, airlines won’t see the two as connected, and they are not contractually obligated to rebook you for free if a delay on the first flight causes you to miss the second.

“Instead, you might have to buy a new flight altogether.”

To avoid any risk, he suggests booking flights that arrive just a few hours ahead of your departure time, or even a couple of days before.

These are just a few other ways to save on flights.

The airline staff also shared their top tips to help you get cheap flights.

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