The Origin’ is the Story Behind Dark Family

Are you ready to find out the story behind this? “attic”? Lifetime’s grand new four-part prequel series, Flowers in The Attic: The SourceA star-studded cast is featured in this story that only V.C. Andrews had the vision. This is a stunning event!

Jemima Rooper is the star of this OG tale.Lost In AustenThe Girlfriend ExperienceMax Irons (CondorTerminal), T’Shan Williams (ElleNinja Express), Kelsey Grammer (CheersFrasierHarry Hamlin (UnsinkableMad Men), Paul Wesley (Vampire DiariesTell me a story), Buck Braithwaite (NefariousMasters Of The AirLuke Fetherston (PandoraIt’s almost never), Kate Mulgrew (Orange is The New BlackStar Trek Voyager), Hannah Dodd (Enola Holmes 2), Harlots), Alana Boden (The BrideI Am Elizabeth SmartCallum Kerr (MonarchHollyoaks).

Based on V.C. Andrews novel, this is directed by Declan O’Dwyer (Miss Scarlett and The Duke, Rise of the Witches).

Max Irons, used with Lifetime’s permission

What Is Lifetime’s Flowers in The Attic: The Source About?

The following is an extract from the SynopsisThis is Olivia Winfield’s birth story (Rooper). She has worked alongside her father since a young age. Olivia is determined and headstrong, which can be a negative trait.

Malcolm Foxworth (Irons), is the man she falls for. After the couple marries, she finds out that Foxworth Hall is her mistress.

Olivia is a victim of cruelty without end. She becomes, in fact, the exact thing she loathes.

This is the tale of a dark, twisted family that will intrigue you with every twist.

When can you watch? Flowers in The Attic: The Source?

The premiere of Flowers in The Attic: The SourceIt will be available on Lifetime on Saturday, July 9th at 8 p.m. Eastern. You can also access it online beginning Sunday, July 10

Where Was Lifetime’s Flowers in The Attic: The Source Filmed?

According to St. Louis Today, Lifetime’s Flowers in The Attic: The SourceIt was shot in Romania. It was shot during the pandemic. Everyone had to keep their distance because of this. Jemima was happy about it.

They only had a short time to film the movie. Because she was not able to spend much time with her friends, she had plenty of time to prepare. “I’m not sure I would’ve been able to keep up with my lines if I had been able to.”

We were trying to achieve a lot in a short space of time and, it was weird because it was probably the first job I’ve ever done where I haven’t socialized with the rest of the cast.

Paul Wesley, Harry Hamlin used with Lifetime permission
Paul Wesley, Harry Hamlin were used with Lifetime permission

Olivia ‘Pushed Down A Dark Path’

Jemima Roper, who has read the entire series of books to get the role, says that at the beginning there is nothing that suggests that Olivia will lock her grandkids up in the attic.

However, she warns: “Then, there’s a lot that happens to her. That keeps pushing her down this dark path.”

There will also be many Easter eggs in this series. Are you ready to watch Olivia’s origin story?

The Origin' is the Story Behind Dark Family
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