The One Sports Movie That Kevin Costner Would Never Make

In an interview with the Toronto Sun back in 2015, Costner said that he would never attempt to make a movie about hockey. “I couldn’t do hockey, and I wouldn’t do hockey,” Costner explained. “The people who love hockey, I respect them too much. I don’t know that sport. I really feel I missed something there, that if I’d grown up out East or in Canada, I’d have definitely played.”

His explanation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, since by his own admission he has also never boxed, or raced in NASCAR, or even ran track-and-field. Funnily enough, Costner didn’t seem to feel the need to justify why he hadn’t done a soccer movie before, either, as his exact quote was: “I don’t give a s—about soccer.”

Whatever his true reasons might be, it seems clear that Costner will continue to be selective when it comes to future sports-related projects — perhaps because he’s still holding out for that one basketball movie to finally come along after all these years.


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