The new series is created by a former TV news producer ‘Gordita Chronicles’ – Los Angeles

Claudia Forestieri, creator and host of the new comedy, stated that her time in the newsroom helped her improve as a series writer. “Gordita Chronicles.”

“By day I was a full time journalist and by night an aspiring series writer,”Forestieri spoke to Telemundo 52 as she recalled her years as a reporter and an assignment editor as well as as being a news producer for different Telemundo stations.

“Telemundo helped me become a TV writer. When we do news, you have to pitch stories every day, and if your story didn’t get picked, you can’t sit and cry about it, you have to keep pitching ideas, know how to meet a deadline, and able to summarize a story quickly, so news prepared me well to be a TV series writer,”Forestieri.

I wanted to show the beauty of immigrant life, the joy side, the happy side, and the positive side.

And even though she loved being a journalist, her heart’s desire was becoming a writer for a television series, and nine years later, after years of sacrifice, tears, sleepless nights, and being almost 3,000 miles away from her family, the Dominican immigrant created a series that has received support from HBO Max and the actresses and executive producers, Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldaña.

It was not easy

“I started from scratch. I didn’t have any contacts, I didn’t know anyone in the industry. My family was able to understand that I had sacrificed so much. I missed many vacations and weddings.

Forestieri, who was 35 when she left Miami, stated that arriving on the West Coast with a specific mission required her to prepare for what lay ahead. “I had to fall in love with the journey. I had to learn to be a better writer, take classes.”


Forestieri was accepted into many writing programs and she completed her first screenwriting assignment in 2018. In 2019, Forestieri collaborated with Netflix on Selena.

In 2021, right during the pandemics, HBO Max announced that they had selected the series. “Gordita Chronicles”, and that Zoe Saldaña and Eva Longoria would become the executive producers of this project.

Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldaña, Claudia Forestieri and Olivia Goncalves attend HBO Max’s “Gordita Chronicles”Red Carpet Premiere Event at Valentine DTLA, June 12, 2022 Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Kililea/Getty images for HBO Max

Inspire by Forestieri’s life, the protagonist “Gordita Chronicles”, Carlota, “Cucú”Castilli (Olivia Goncalvez), a 12-year-old girl, fled the Dominican Republic along with her family and older sister to pursue the American Dream. Her father, a flight marketing executive, was transferred to Miami in 1985.

The series shows how young Cucú faces the challenges of being an immigrant in a new world, showing her courage, humor, mischief, as well as the importance of her culture and family.

“I wanted to write a script that was personal. I was an immigrant girl, I wanted a better life, I had to learn a new language, a new lifestyle in a new country, and make new friends,”Forestieri.

“I wanted to reflect the life of the immigrant that is never shown, the fun side, the happy side, the positive side, and show the wonderful things about the Latin culture and how our culture and the American culture can come together and create a beautiful community,”She continued.

The writer stated that the majority of immigrants who come to a country are not natives. “want a better life, they want the country to be better”This is exactly what the series will do.

The new series is created by a former TV news producer ‘Gordita Chronicles’ – Los Angeles

Cisely Saldaña, Mariel Saldaña Nazario, Zoe Saldaña, Claudia Forestieri, Olivia Goncalves, Eva Longoria, Savannah Nicole Ruiz, Juan Javier Cardenas, Noah Rico, Diana Maria Riva, Loni Love and Cosette Hauer attend the premiere of “Gordita Chronicles”Valentine DTLA, Los Angeles, California on June 12, 2022. (Photo by Vivien Kililea/Getty images for HBO Max

Let’s talk about the title. “Gordita Chronicles”Forestieri, “well, I never really liked people calling me “Gordita” (fat girl), I actually wanted to forget about that, but for Hispanics, nicknames are a term of endearment, and in English (these nicknames can come across as offensive) so I embraced it, and it was important to include because this was a part of me, this defined me.”


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