The ‘Never Stop Naruto’ Gag Explained

The artistic style of “Naruto” is pretty familiar to those who watch a fair amount of anime. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary from the start — until you have to inevitably step away from the screen for a moment and don’t want to miss something important. You would probably decide to hit “Pause” at that point. You might regret this decision as you might be scared of what lies ahead. The most frightening thing you will ever see is what you see when you press the pause button. You can’t pause! “Naruto,”At least, not with the character that paused the episode and then froze in mid-action. This is the most inhumane and hilarious way to do it.

To remove the troubling image from your TV’s screen, you can click play and pause once more. After you press the pause button, another image of a distorted character will appear on your screen. It doesn’t seem to matter which episode you’re currently watching. There’s no scene that isn’t filled with haunting imagery. 


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