The Movies That Were Inspired by a Dream

The majority of dreams are only relevant to the person who has them. They don’t make for great stories. It was inevitable that someone would eventually attempt to make a movie based on a dream. They would create an incoherent mess.

Francis Ford Coppola is a legend filmmaker who has made many films that are truly masterpieces. His film (2011) “Twixt”This is not one. It tells the story of Hall Baltimore, a horror writer who visits a small town to sign books. Hall is horrified to learn of the horrific murder that occurred in his hometown. Hall decides to stay for a while to get some inspiration for his next book. Hall dreams about a ghostly, colorful version of the town at night. There he meets a mysterious young girl named “V.”Hall continues to investigate and experience the murder day by day. At night, Hall experiences haunting nightmares. Finally, Hall discovers the truth. ReallyGoing on in this small, sleepy town.

Coppola speaks out about the origins and development of the film. “[It] grew out of dream I had last year — more of a nightmare … But as I was having it I realized perhaps it was a gift, as I could make it as a story, perhaps a scary film, I thought even as I was dreaming” (via The New York Times). Although Coppola’s intentions are not clear, this case shows that whatever Coppola felt while asleep was not something he could translate into the waking world of logic or sunlight.


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