The Most Ridiculous Sasquatch Featured in Films and on TV

When is a Bigfoot movie a Bigfoot movie? Part II: 1975’s “Blood Beast of Monster Mountain“is the unquestionably appealing new title for a patch and stitch job performed by a Southern-based producer/distributor, former spookshow operator Donn Davison1965 “Legend of McCullough’s Mountain,”A harmless horror-comedy shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Also known as “The Horror-Comedy”The Legend of Blood Mountain” “Demon Hunter,”The film stars George EllisAtlanta TV host, whose late-night horror movie showcase featured.

Ellis, an on-screen nitwit named Bestoink, is the hero. “Mountain,” and spends much of his time in the film eating cookies and taking a nap (which produces some alarming dreams involving women in nightwear) before encountering a pale, mean-faced creature which can be charitably described as having considerable junk in its trunk — but not as Bigfoot.

What does this have do with Bigfoot Davison saw dollar signs among the Bigfoot photos in the 1970s. He then filmed several wraparound segments where he pretends to be conducting interviews about Sasquatch. This was added to the running time. “Mountain.” Instant Bigfoot movie — just add unrelated footage.

Ellis was not only a TV horror host, but he also appeared in Southern-made films such as 1975’s “The Last of the Wild”.Moonrunners“, later to be the inspiration for “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The corrupt town official played by Ellis was the prototype for Sorrell Booke’s Boss Hogg.


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