The Most Paused Moments From Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Trilogy

When Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker is first designing his suit, he’s going for style more than practicality. Peter needs a costume to compete in a wrestling match with a $3,000 prize, so he can buy a car to impress Mary Jane. A brief montage shows that while Peter only needs the costume for a night, he still puts quite a bit of thought into its look. An early draft features web-like wings and a symbol that’s vaguely reminiscent of another Marvel superhero who will get her first solo film almost two decades later. Peter also apparently considers giving his costume a utility belt. This gets scrapped from the final design, likely after Peter considers that gadgets won’t be allowed in the ring.

Despite all the detailed designs that Peter draws up, he’s wearing a spray painted t-shirt and a red ski mask when he shows up to face off against Bonesaw. Presumably Peter’s lofty ambitions came up against a lack of funds. Considering that he never ends up buying a car, it’s possible that Peter spent his prize money on the costume that he wears for the remainder of the film.


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