The moment viewers held their breath during this week’s Better Call Saul

Now we know. I was able to walk through all the details Monday, the last time Lalo Salamanca was in this season’s. Better Call Saul — in which I also noted a fan theory that he’s headed to investigate whatever happened to Werner Ziegler — than Lalo reappeared, finally, and did exactly that during this week’s episode, Black and Blue.

As a reminder, there are now just two episodes left in this first half of the show’s final season. In July, the back half of the show will resume. Then, viewers will be connected to the debut of Breaking Bad. We’ll also have seen Walter White and Jesse Pinkman by that point again.

After that, let’s get to the episode and focus on Lalo’s actions. They contributed to an extended sequence, during which almost everyone who watched the show was holding their breath, anxiously waiting for the next scene.

Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 5.

“Lalo Salamanca,” in a scene from Season six of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” prequel series “Better Call Saul.”Image source: Greg Lewis/Sony Pictures Television

A quick recap leading up to this week: Gus Fring, the Salamanca cartel’s man in the north, tried to have Lalo Salamanca killed. He failed, and last we saw of Lalo, he was calling his uncle Hector (a longtime and very bitter rival of Fring’s) to let him know he was alive.

Hector informs Lalo that Lalo needs him “prueba”(proof) before he can exact his revenge on Fring. So that’s what Lalo sets out to find. And for a few episodes now, he’s been gone, presumably on a hunt for prueba.

We now know where he went to find it: Germany.

As soon as the German choral music was audible at the beginning of this week’s Better Call SaulEpisode, I felt the fan theory that I observed on Monday was going be proved correct.

Somehow, Lalo has tracked down the widow of Ziegler, the German engineer hired to lead a team to build Fring’s “superlab.”He meets her in a pub, and turns on her charm before escorting her to her home. Viewers are tense, waiting to see what he’s going to do. He will she invite him in? Will he … force himself in?

It turns out that no. He waits close by, saying good-bye until she leaves for work the next day. Then, he enters.

“Black and Blue”

He’s rummaging around, looking for something, anything, that might connect Ziegler to whatever Fring is doing. And what he’s doing, remember, is building a superlab to undercut the Salamanca cartel. Lalo may have proof. He can take off his gloves and hit Fring without fear of blowback.

Lalo starts to poke around in the Ziegler house after he has scolded the dog. But, eventually, something happens that throws a wrench in his plans. You just knew this was going to happen … Ziegler’s widow doubles back home, realizing she’d forgotten her phone. Lalo attaches the silencer to his gun and we wait for the inevitable.

Only, something catches Lalo’s eye. Instead, he grabs a shelf object that resembles the preserved ruler we saw at the start of the episode. Ziegler was given the inscribed copy. “with love”Starting at “the boys.”

I couldn’t see if You can find more information atnything else was written on the bottom, but I have to credit a GuardianReviewer for what’s probably the correct assessment here. More than likely, there’s an address either on the ruler itself or otherwise easily obtainable where Lalo can track down the people who asked to have this made (Ziegler’s crew).

The end is near

There is no other way to describe the ending of Better Call SaulThe future is slowly beginning to dawn on Lalo. Lalo is very close to being able to get what he needs in order to be able to return home for Fring’s final showdown. Who, by the way, seemed in this week’s episode to sense that reality.

In fact, Fring already seems to have a premonition that a showdown of some sort will occur down in the bowels of Fring’s superlab, which is where we saw him hide a gun during this week’s episode. Based on what we know, however, this is only a guess. Breaking BadLalo seems to have lost his attempt to subdue Fring.

Nevertheless, one of the best aspects of this sublimely fantastic show is in sitting back and watching events unfold — to see how we get “there,”The end is near. And to this prequel’s ultimate link-up with one of the greatest shows in TV history.


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