The meme ‘Not a Wordle’ is just as addictive as the game.

Given Wordle’s popularity, it’s no surprise the viral brainteaser has inspired its fair share of memes.

It seems that everyone is enjoying this viral game with their Twitter feeds full of green squares every day. It’s made its way onto a Saturday Night Liveskit and even inspired an NSFW spinoff.

If you’re not already familiar with the puzzle, the rules are simple. You have six chances to guess the five-letter word. If the box turns green it means that your letter is correct. If the correct letter is in the wrong box it will turn yellow. All wrong letters turn grey.

It has become very popular and there are strategies that will help you get five green pieces faster.

Each day on Twitter people share how many guesses it took them to get a flush of green squares, but some days the words are more… surprising than others.

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People were inspired to be creative by the Twitter trend of sharing square Emojis.

Here are the top ten. “not a Wordle”Memes on Twitter

We also included popular TV shows, films, games, and movies:

A few large brand accounts took part in this trend as well:

Given the game’s huge popularity, we’re sure we’ll continue seeing more “not a Wordle”There are many memes appearing on our Twitter feeds.

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