The MCU’s Best Spider-Man Decisions

Peter’s life gets more complicated than it seems after J. Jonah Jameson releases Quentin Beck video blaming Spider-Man. He then reveals his true identity at the end as Peter Parker. “Far From Home.”Seriously, this man cannot catch a breath. Peter could handle this knowledge if it only affected him. “No Way Home,”It is also making it difficult for his friends. Peter has no choice but to seek help from Doctor Strange.

Strange agrees that he will help Peter by casting an evil spell that will make everyone forget that Peter Parker was Spider-Man. The spell breaks down because Peter wants to change it so that only certain people can remember the truth. Peter Parker is suddenly attacked by evil spirits from other realities. Strange suggests that they should return to their respective realities to stop more damage to this multiverse.

Peter cannot allow that to happen as each of them will die if they return to their respective realities. Peter, out of compassion, defies Doctor Strange, and the two fight it out in the mirror dimension. Peter is able to use math to trap Doctor Strange in the mirror dimension, giving him time to devise a plan. If he hadn’t done this, he wouldn’t have discovered a cure to the villains and saved everyone’s lives, even if it meant losing Aunt May.


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