The MCU Actor Who You Likely Forgot Starred in World War Z

During Tony Stark’s post Battle of New York PTSD phase “Iron Man 3,”Guy Pearce, a billionaire who wanted to place a suit for armor in every corner of the world, was seen taking on Aldrich Kaillian (Guy Pearce), his Extremis goons. Killian’s right-handman, former Lieutenant Colonel Eric Savin. (James Badge Dale) He committed some of the most horrific crimes of the big bad and was killed during Tony’s rescue mission aboard Air Force One.

I fell in line with Shane Black’s smug henchman mold from the 1980s and the 1990s.”Lethal Weapon,” “The Long Kiss Goodnight”Dale definitely left his mark in the world. “Iron Man 3.”After Tony’s Unibeam shot him through the chest, it was fitting that he made his exit from film. This marks another bad guy who received far less screen time than he deserves.


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