The Marvel Movie You Likely Forgot Starred Tim Robbins

Sam Raimi, director of Marvel Cinematic Universe was long before Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Spider-Man”Trilogy, 20th Century Fox “X-Men”Franchise, and even “Blade,”The adaptation of Marvel’s comics to the screen was not something that the film industry was interested in. George Lucas (yes! ThatGeorge Lucas), who wanted the screen to show one of the publishers’ characters. It’s not a big hitter like Captain America or Hulk. In 1986, Lucas had hoped to make a movie that centered around Howard the Duck. He was able to do so with Universal.

Upon landing on Earth from his native Duckworld, Howard (voiced by Chip Zien and portrayed physically by a host of crew members) meets a couple of human companions who plan to help him return home. Lea Thompson played Howard’s love interest Beverly Switzler while Tim Robbins took on the role of Phil Blumburtt: a wannabe scientist who takes a vested interest in Howard and his unexpected trip to Earth. Similar to the film, which continues to be viewed today. One of the most vile Marvel Comics-based movies ever madeBlumburtt can be forgettable, even though Robbins is different from most.

Given Marvel Studios’ determination to get big-name actors to the MCU, maybe Tim Robbins will get another chance at the world of tights or caps. Even if he is not available, he has his appearance in “Howard the Duck” to hang his hat on, for whatever that’s worth.


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