The Major Simpsons Character That You Likely Forgot Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito appeared first in “The Simpsons”The episode is from Season 2 and can be viewed here “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” He played Herbert Powell (per Wiki about The Simpsons), the long-lost half-brother of Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) and a highly successful car designer in Detroit — at least until Homer enters the picture and ruins his life. In Season 3, the character appears once more. “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?”He forgives Homer and receives his fortune back.

DeVito’s Herbert was referenced several times throughout the series, as well as a voice-only appearance in the Season 24 episode. “Changing of the Guardian.”DeVito first made an appearance in Season 2 and was one of the first big-name celebrities who lent his voice to the show. “The Simpsons,”This helped to open the doors for more A-listers. Although it was an unusual choice to cast him as the half-brother to the main character, it was a smart move that proved to be a success. The character was remembered throughout the series.


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