The Funny Story Behind The Outsiders Movie Poster

Francis Ford Coppola intentionally separated actors from their respective groups to foster an antagonistic relationship between actors portraying the Socs of the upper crust and their gritty Greaser counterparts. The former group received ritzier accommodation, room service, and benefits at the gym. The Greasers quickly became friendly and comfortable living in separate quarters.

Leif Garrett was a Greaser member who was mingling at the snack bar on the day the Greasers were due to shoot promo photos. “We all like Leif,”Rob Lowe was recalled in an excerpt of his memoir Vanity Fair, “but he is determined to be superior to us, just like his character, Bob.”

Lowe said that Tulsa’s movie set was a convenient target for the sticky-fingered children of the area, who ransacked it for candy bars and other goodies. The Greaser main cast was dressed in costume and posed for the camera. A beleaguered assistant shouted at one of them, giving Ralph Macchio enough ammunition to embarrass Garrett. “Yeah, Leif, you hear that? Those are for the actors!”All the Greasers laughed and this photo reaction was born. The posterFor “The Outsiders.”

Lowe confirmed that gentle, unintentional ribbing was a regular feature of the “Outsiders” set. “On ‘The Outsiders,'”He wrote, “ballbusting will become a fine art.”However, the Socs weren’t their only target. Tulsa’s Excelsior Hotel became a notorious spot for pranking among the cast. This was usually initiated by Lowe, Swayze and Dillon. “Mostly I was the victim of the pranks,”C. Thomas Howell – VarietyIt was added that Diane Lane, a fellow youngster, was also targeted. “I remember one early morning … I stumbled into my hotel room,”Howell was also recalled. “and literally everything in my hotel room, from a penny to my bed, had been turned upside down.”


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