The Friends Legend Whose Directing Credit Is A Scrubs Ep

The small screen legend with the lone directorial credit “Scrubs”Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing’s anxious role in every season. “Friends.” The “Scrubs”Perry directed the episode during the fourth season of the series. Perry was also on-camera.

Titled “My Unicorn,”This episode featured Dr. J.D. Dorian (Zach Braff) intervening on behalf of an older patient (John Bennett Perry) in need of a kidney transplant. J.D. After J.D. As Dr. Dorian helped Murray work through some clear resentment issues, the requisite hilarity and drama ensued — all of which was bolstered by a secondary storyline which found Sarah Chalke’s Dr. Reid using her feminine wiles to get her way in the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital.

Perry captured the series’ complex mix of absurdist comedy and drama-driven character development perfectly. As it turns out, “My Unicorn”Perry was a man who played his estranged father. It was a family affair “Scrubs”His father was in fact his real dad. IMDb creditsThey are remarkable in their own right. Perry even appeared in a cameo role as his uncle Tony Perry. Perry played the part of a queasy elder Murray in one scene. Perry’s final episode. “Scrubs”The episode is solid enough that one can’t help but wonder why. “Friends”Legend has never directed anything else.     


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