‘The Expanse’: The Final Adventure Awaits

The Expanse has long been revered in the science fiction community as one of the most accurate takes on physics in space. This adds to the fact that it is one of the best new works in hard-hitting Sci-Fi since Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey. December marks a month filled with new and exciting television. The Expanse releases its final season on December 10th. Strap in for a hard burn beltalowda.

The Expanse, vast and sprawling

Based on the book series by author James S.A. Corey (a joint pen name), The Expanse is more than just another generic space thriller. From the first episode, you get a scale for the size of things. The show does a great job of contrasting the sprawling emptiness of space with the tight and often cramped quarters of spaceship life. From the real-world delays in communication to a realistic look at what humanity’s future could be, suspension of disbelief is easy to swallow. The problems facing the main characters remain human even when aliens become an issue. There is just enough time to binge Seasons 1 through 5 before release. Don’t miss this chance to catch up. You can still be a part of the action.

The Expanse has 9 books though

Superfans of the series might note that the announcement for season 6 to conclude the on-screen adaptation of the show leaves out a third of the story. The choice for the showrunners to conclude the story here could have several reasons. The Expanse has had a rocky journey, to say the least. Syfy opted to not renew after Season 3 where the show was picked up by Amazon only to be nuked 3 Seasons later. In the books, there is a 30-year time jump. This may prove too impractical to either recast or have the crew attempting to look older than they are. Some think that this could simply be the result of the show not being able to garner mainstream reception. Cost on Sci-fi shows are usually high due to the increased use of CGI and the massive studios they are shot in.

The cast and characters

Following the drama surrounding Cas Anvar one of the show favorites didn’t stay in Season 5 leaving an obvious gap where the fan-favorite used to be. This hasn’t stopped some exciting new promotional material weeks before the release. These animated shots feature characters like Bobbie, played by Frankie Adams, and Amos, played by Wes Chatham. The two characters have seen more screen time as their popularity rises.

Brush up on your Belter Creole and strap in one last time for the release on December 10th. If the rest of the show is any sign, viewers are in for one last wild ride aboard the Rocinante.

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