The Ending Of Succession Season 3 Explained

After leaving his children to process the news, Logan passes Tom (Matthew Macfayden) outside and gives him a friendly clap on the shoulder. Shiv sees this happen. It’s unheard of for her father to show Tom affection, so she puts two and two together and figures out that Tom tipped off Logan about her plan with her brothers.

Earlier in the episode, when Shiv called Tom to tell him that she and her brothers were plotting to oust Logan and put themselves in charge of WayStar-Royco, Shiv made a crucial mistake: she left Tom out of her plans. That’s a quintessential Shiv move, reducing her husband to an afterthought. This time, thought, Tom uses the situation to his advantage.

After the call with Shiv, Tom talked with Greg (Nicholas Braun) at the wedding. He asks him if, after the company’s impending shakeup, Greg is willing to side with Tom in whatever his new role might be. He says he needs an attack dog – a “Gregweiler,” specifically. Tom asks Greg is he’s willing to “make a deal with the devil,” Greg agrees, and they seal the deal with a handshake.

In hindsight, that moment looks a lot more sinister. Tom had already made the decision to betray his wife and tell Logan about her plans. It’s likely that Logan has promised Tom some important position at ATN, and when he calls himself “the devil,” it’s not really a joke.

“Succession” spent Season 3 teasing the possibility that someone within the family would switch loyalties and betray the others. In the end, it turned out to be most of them. Even Tom Wambsgants got in on the act.

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