The Ending Of Stranger Things Season 4: Part 1

The Hawkins gang are determined to clear Eddie’s name, defeat Vecna and prevent Max from becoming his next victim. They follow Dustin’s compass which takes them haywire around otherworldly energies to Lover’s Lake where Patrick died hours earlier. Nancy recalls how passageways between dimensions appeared to be around kill sites. The older kids — Nancy, Robin, Steve, and Eddie — take the boat to see if this holds true for Vecna, while the younger kids — Dustin, Max, and Lucas — stay on the shore. 

Steve stumbles upon a gate at bottom of lake. But he is entangled by a vine, and is pulled into the Upside Down. After being attacked by demo-bats, Steve is saved by Robin, Nancy, and Eddie who follow one another through the glowing, dark tunnel. The Demo-bats are watching. “Watergate,”So the crew flees to Upside Down Skull Rock and then the Upside Down Wheeler home. They can hear the other children in the real house and are being interrogated.

To signal SOS in Morse Code, Eddie uses a chandelier. Nancy and Dustin then communicate via Lite Brite. He reminds them that every attack should create a gate. There should also be one in Eddie’s uncle’s trailer, not to mention one close to Fred’s grave, which might yet come into play. Steve, Robin and Eddie ride seven miles to the Trailer Park where they find a large, red gash in their ceiling. It provides an escape route, but it also establishes an important fact that may be of even more consequence in Part 2: Vecna’s attacks — and possibly any death involving the Upside Down and its energy — open gates. 


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