The Ending of Barry Season 3 explained

Barry enters Jim Moss’ house and all is quiet except for the sound from a football game. (We heard this game and television during the title sequence). He moves through the house, drawing his gun until he spots Jim drinking at his living room’s wet bar. Barry draws his gun and points it at Jim’s head. He’ll need to kill one more time before he can get the fresh start he dreams of.

However, before he can fire, a voice from the background yells at Barry, asking him to drop his gun. Jim calmly turns around. He knew Barry would come after him and has set a trap. A dozen SWAT officers arrive outside to arrest him, their rifles drawn. Gene Cousineau walks out from the shadows looking inquisitive.

Bill Hader explained this to me Vulture, “I told Henry, ‘You just have to look at him like, ‘I got you.” That’s the feeling. ‘Honestly, you don’t have to do much. Just stare at me.’ And he did it.”

The episode concludes with a long shot Jim, captured through his darkened living rooms’ bay windows. Janice’s black-and white photo is displayed next to the couch at the end table. Jim must return inside to confront the emptiness and the loss of Janice, his memory, even though justice has been served. Justice will not bring her back.

That’s all for Season 3! “Barry”! It’s been an exciting ride. Even though our serial killer suspect appears to be dead, the fans know that anything can happen on a show such as this. “Barry”That’s been open to pushing the boundaries of television. Season 4 is almost upon us.


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