The End Of The Movies: We Hated Popular Lord Of The Rings Characters

The “Lord of the Rings”Barliman butterbur, an innkeeper at Bree’s crossroads village, is a friendly, cheerful man. He’s the Prancing Pony’s owner and is a man who knows a lot. Gandalf trusts his judgment. Aragorn admires him. I don’t know what else to say. The guy is quite cool.

Frodo and his friends arrive at Bree after a stormy night. “Fellowship of the Ring”In the movie, the innkeeper greets them and reveals that Frodo’s actual name is Underhill. This is because Gandalf has already told him that Frodo would travel under this name. However, the movie doesn’t clarify it. Butterbur takes them to a room, explains who Aragorn was, and then ends his influence on the story. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nada.

The Barliman Butterbur from the movies is a pathetic character. He is out of his element and just a busy innkeeper who wants to make his guests happy. Then he becomes a terrified victim of the Nazgûl as they hunt for the Ring. It’s quite disappointing when compared with the braver innkeeper from The Book, who is a friend of Gandalf, and does his best for Frodo and his friends.


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