The Disney-designed Florida town

You can live in a Disney-designed home if your heart desires.

The Disney team originally designed Celebration, close to Disney World, in the 1990s.


The Disney team built and designed a town in America in the 1990s.Credit: Getty
Celebration in Florida is home to more than 11,000 people


Celebrations in Florida are home to over 11,000 peopleCredit: Getty
While the town has few Disney references, many of the streets and shops have a whimsical touch


Although the town isn’t too Disney-like, there are many shops and streets that have whimsical touches.Credit: Alamy
There are restaurants, cafes, and even a school and hospital


There are many restaurants and cafes.Credit: Alamy
The town opened in 1996 with people taking part in a lottery to live there


It was established in 1996 by people who won a lottery to become residents.Credit: Getty

There are more than 11,000 residents currently living there. The first residents moved there in 1996 following a lottery. To be eligible, wannabe locals needed to pay $1,000.

There are over 100 homes in the area, along with shops, restaurants, and offices. Many of these are painted in Instagrammable pastel colors.

Six churches, six libraries, a postoffice, a school, and a dog park are all available. There is also a former cinema that has been converted into an ice cream shop.

According to the New York Times: Disney no longer controls most of the town. In 2005, he sold it for $6.5million.

However, they continue to offer services like Smart City Telecom and Reedy Creek Energy Services for residents.

With the street World Drive located near the Magic Kingdom, the town can be connected to Disney World.

Dan Rudgers is one of the original residents of the town who still lives there. According to the GuardianHe said that he chose to live there because of Disney’s way of doing things.

“You knew the parks and the streets would be clean, the grass cut, all the houses would look the same, it would be family-oriented and everything would work just right.”

Erin Ajello, whose relatives live in the area, shared her story Insider There are some perks, such as the speedy repair of streets and relatively quiet roads. However, there are very few shops that can provide basic necessities, so she must go to Target or another nearby supermarket to get them.

A nearby AdventHealth Celebration provides a health service that is close to most of the town, which she said makes it a great place for elderly people or people with chronic health issues.

The media has taken to celebration for many reasons in recent times.

The first murder in the city was reported in 2010 after the death of a retired teacher aged 58. In 2020, the wife and her three children were killed by a 44-year old man.

Visitors who wish to visit may not see any Disney memorabilia or designs throughout the town. There are however tours that take you around the town using vintage cars in Mickey-coloured reds and blacks.

Disney plans to build a second residential area that will feature homes, a hotel, and even an enormous lagoon.

Disney Imagineers, who design everything at the theme parks, will be behind the huge project, although it won’t be linked to Disneyland.

Cotino will be a 618-acre development near Palm Springs in California, as part of Disney’s new Storyliving communities, which will be “infused with the company’s special brand of magic”.

1,900 houses will be built, from single-family homes to large properties. Residents over 55 can also live in the neighbourhood.

There will also be shops, a hotel on the beach with 400 rooms and a lagoon of 24 acres that is available for swimming.

Walt Disney even wanted his own home. “utopian cities”Epcot, the land that was once known as Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow, was used to prototype this concept.

Most people living there go about a normal life outside of the Disney theme parks


People who live there have a regular life and do not visit the Disney theme parks.Credit: Alamy
You can go on sightseeing tours of the town


You can take a sightseeing tour of the townCredit: Alamy
However, the town's reputation has been hit by two high profile murder cases in the past 12 years


Two high-profile murder cases have tarnished the reputation of the town in the last 12 years.


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