The Davises Expecting: Who’s Pregnant in the Davis Family?

Looking for a Sister WifeThis season introduced viewers to the Davis clan. Fans were interested in their unique dynamic. They have a huge announcement in the next episode. One of the wives is pregnant. But which one? How will it affect the courting process and who is it? For all the details, read on.

Seeking Sister Wife’sThe Most Interesting Trio

This is one quirky trio. April’s husband Nick Davis has been together for over a decade, and he has raised her son with her. He considers the boy his biological son, even though he isn’t the biological father. Jennifer first met Jennifer at work just over four years back. She met Nick at work and they quickly became friends. They were able to work well together in a plural relationship, which was a belief that they shared. Although they wanted to be married, it was not legally legal. Therefore, Jennifer and April tied the knot but took Nick’s last name to bond the family.

April, Nick and Jennifer

The fact that Nick doesn’t work has shocked viewers. This family has the women being the breadwinners and Nick as the father. He also thinks. That is all. Fans thought it unfair. Nick could always leave when he wanted. He was also taken care of in his home. Since Season 4, Danielle was being courted by the family and they were eager to welcome her into their home. She is only twenty two years old and they did have some concerns, but she seems ready to go. Recent news reported that they had purchased a larger home. It was thought it was for Danielle. It seems that it was for another little girl.

A New Addition

According to People,The Davises are expecting their first child. This information will be revealed in the next episode. Looking for a Sister Wife.Danielle had talked to the wives about expanding their families. April acknowledged that she had considered having more children, but they wanted to have children. Jennifer is the happy soon-to-be mama. Since April’s son is from a previous relationship, this will be Nick’s first biological child.

Seeking Sister Wife/Instagram
Jennifer and Nick

It is a shock for the system, especially for the mother-to be. “I never thought I would see myself as a mother, or wanting kids or having kids or anything like that. But coming into this situation and the love that I developed for Nick, this is the love I want to have a baby with.”They also made sure Danielle was included in the entire journey. Because it is so fast, this could have a huge impact on her feelings about the family.

Congratulation to the entire family. Check out the reveal Looking for a Sister WifeTLC will air Monday’s episode.

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