The Controversy Between Anger Management’s Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair Explained

According to Deadline, Charlie Sheen had been a fan of Selma Blair ever since she starred in “Cruel Intentions.” He had lobbied hard to get her hired as his co-star, even when FX wanted to go with another actress after the final round of auditions. The show got off to a strong start, with the first episode breaking viewing records, becoming FX’s most-watched debut (via Rolling Stone). But slowly, some of Sheen’s destructive behaviors on-set began to creep back up, and it wasn’t long before Blair and others were frustrated with his constant tardiness.

While many reports stated that Blair had gone to the producers to complain about Sheen’s behavior, Radar Online claimed that wasn’t the case. She allegedly complained to a mutual friend, and it got back to Sheen through gossip. When he heard about it, he went nuclear. What happened next was Sheen “firing” her through an expletive-filled text message.

Sheen is obviously no stranger to public spats and holding grudges. His feuds with Chuck Lorre, Rihanna, and many others (via EW) have lasted years. He has gone after his ex-wife and mother to two of his kids, Denise Richards, numerous times (via The NY Daily News). And years later, it’s clear Sheen still has not gotten over his anger at Blair, tying her with Jenny McCarthy as his “least favorite coworkers” (via Us Weekly).


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