The Circle spiced up the cast with 2 celebrity contestants

The Spice Girls: Then and Now

Want to be the first to find out which celebs will be joining season four? The Circle? Continue reading. 

Two celebrity newcomers just arrived in London. The Circle. That’s right, Emma Bunton and Melanie “Mel B” Brown from The Spice Girls are joining season two of Netflix’s hit reality competition series on May 4. 

The two icons are heading to the series in order to attempt to catfish a new set of players with the hopes of raising the game’s total cash prize. See the British hitmakers enter the game for yourself in a brand-new sneak peek.

“You might know us better as Baby Spice,” Emma says in the clip with Mel B chiming in, “and Scary Spice.” 

“We are coming into The Circle to spice things up a bit,” Emma continues. “I’m a massive fan.” 

Mel B adds, “When they asked us, no brainer.” 

The pair will catfish as JaredAnd if they complete their mission and fool the majority of the contestants, the prize fund will be raised by $50k.


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