The Callisto Protocol Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay

Given Glen Schofield’s history with the “Dead Space” series, it’s only natural for fans of the IP to look out for similarities between the legacy sci-fi horror games and “The Callisto Protocol.” If you’re one such person, then you’re in luck! According to the gameplay trailer, “The Callisto Protocol” is a third-person shooter that places a heavy emphasis on horror elements. The trailer also appears to show more cinematic parts of gameplay, such as climbing objects and strafing through tight (and hostile) corridors.

In a 2020 interview with Polygon, Schofield said that he envisioned “The Callisto Protocol” to be “the most terrifying game on next-gen platforms” upon its release. In terms of the new IP being compared to “Dead Space,” Schofield relented, saying: “You know, [I] have a particular style. And I can’t get away from my style. My style has grown and maybe matured a little bit, but it is my style. I’m sure there’ll be some familiar vibes within the game.”

Whether or not “The Callisto Protocol” matches the expectations that have been set for it upon its release in October remains to be seen. But no matter what, the new game has surely drummed up quite the attention.


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