The Brits are more relaxed than Americans when it is about travel plans, even when it comes packing.

When it comes to holiday planning, BRITS seem to be more relaxed that Americans – even when packing.

An American study of nearly 2,000 holidaymakers revealed that 2/3 of Americans admit to packing the night before leaving, while only half of Brits do.


Brits are more relaxed about planning vacations and more inclined to travel abroad than they are to holiday in the UK, according to research.Credit: Getty

It was also discovered that US travelers are more forgetful than other countries and book activities up until four weeks before they arrive at their destination.

Brits are more relaxed after arriving on holiday. Americans average five activities (like trips or tours) per holiday.

The surprise was that Americans are more likely to travel to higher temperatures than Brits, despite their reputation for seeking the sun in foreign countries.

The US tourists were more happy to explore their own country than the UK, which is understandable given the differences in size between the two countries.

Unfortunately, things are not all roses for Americans. In fact, couples from the US who travel together abroad were more likely to have arguments than their counterparts in the UK.

Both holidaymakers think their countries are the best at preparing for holidays.

Americans are more likely to say they are American than anything else. “spontaneous”When booking getaways.

However, the data shows that holiday preparation takes on average 14 hours in the US as compared to 11.5 hours in Britain.

Jon Owen, CEO at Go City (the company which commissioned the research), said that these results provide interesting insights into travel patterns.

“Travellers are needing to become advance planners in order to get the access and experiences they expect on their city break.

“We may see the number of hours spent planning continue to rise as demand is so high.”


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