The Boys’ Jensen Weighs in on Soldier Boy’s Future on The Show

Amazon has released the Season 3 finale “The Boys,” VarietyInterview with the cast of the series was published. The interviewer asked Jensen Ackles, unsurprisingly, if Soldier Boy would be returning after the Season 3 finale.

At first, he explained that he didn’t know how he would answer the question about Soldier Boy’s future. He really doesn’t know. Ackles continued, “I’d like to get a call off the bench, and I don’t think [showrunner Eric Kripke] ever wants to close any doors. So keeping that door open a crack for Soldier Boy to use, in whatever capacity that fits, is definitely something that I think he would do as a writer.”

Ackles explained that he believes there will be opportunities for Soldier Boy in future. “The Boys,”However, the writing team is still far from finished. The series has been renewed for Season 4 (via). DeadlineHis almost indestructible character may make a comeback, it seems plausible. We know that his character might not be very happy after the events of Season 3.

Interestingly, “The Boys”It seems that the fan community is divided on this issue (via Reddit). While some believe that his time on TV is over, others believe that the writers might have saved him enough to surprise viewers in the future.


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