The Blob (1988). Actors You Might Not Have Known Passed Away

Although it contains a caustic man-eating space mass, “The Blob”It is also filled with human monsters that can make your skin crawl. Enter: Reverend Meeker, the town’s religious presence and a local weirdo on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

Despite his moral bankruptcy, Meeker survives the Blob’s rampage. He even creates his own doomsday religion, worshipping the resurrected pieces of the ravenous creature, and even begins his own cult. He is a religious wacko. Itching For judgment day. He is now free to scream and preach about the impending end of the world, thanks to his new, blobby god.

Rev. Del Close plays Meeker, one of the pioneers of improv and a mentor (literal and spiritual) for most of the 20th-century American comics. A marvelous documentary directed by Heather Ross, “For Madmen Only,”The 2020 edition of Close was released and features interviews with students and collaborators such as Adam McKay and Patton Oswalt. Anyone who has even a passing interest is comedy’s history would benefit from it.

Close was a major influence on modern comedy’s shape. He also made many appearances on-screen or on-stage throughout his career, including as an English teacher. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”A corrupt town councilman “The Untouchables.”

As his New York Times The obituary summarizes poetically Close was a “mercurial and hard-living”Man who “bequeathed his skull to the Goodman Theater”his final resting place “so he could play Yorick in their next production of “Hamlet.” Close died in 1964 at the age 64 March 1999 due to emphysema.


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