The Beloved Character Fans Hope Returns To American Horror Story

Fans agree that characters are the strongest aspect of “American Horror Story,” and one of the first characters to grab the hearts of AHS viewers was Vivien Harmon in Season 1 “Murder House,” played by Connie Britton. Portraying the anxious mother desperate to get out of a haunted house, fans found Britton’s performance relatable. Vivien was one of the only characters desperate to get out of the house, and she had to deal with the added pressures of a lying husband while trying to bring a pregnancy to full term. There was no lack of trauma for this character in addition to ghosts trying to kill her. Fans took to the show’s Reddit page to voice their love for the realism she brought to the role.

“I honestly felt like she helped make it more real [because] the thing is that she was just a regular, average person,” posted u/Scratchy_The_Toon on the show’s subreddit. “Season 1 had your average person as most of the mains and I feel like it made it scarier.” Britton, who is known for starring in beloved shows such as “Nashville,” “Friday Night Lights,” and most recently “The White Lotus,” was lauded for her acting ability on Reddit. “She’s a very talented actress, and I love her! It’d be great to see her return in the future,” posted u/murray1617

Britton briefly reprised the role in an episode of Season 8, “Apocalpyse,” so a return is always a possibility. With “American Horror Story” showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, fans can only hope that Britton will return to the “AHS” universe.


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