The bathroom hairdryer is a great addition to any hotel.

There are many mysteries about HOTEL rooms, such as why there aren’t plug sockets near the bed or why the curtains don’t meet in the middle.

It seems that one of the most bizarre mysteries – why hairdryers can be built into the bathroom – has been finally solved.


Use your hotel’s hair dryer to remove fog from a steamy mirrorCredit: Getty

An electrical appliance can’t be placed in a water-heavy space. But it is possible to use the mirror to your advantage if you steam it up.

One travel expert shared his opinion Quora“Use your hotel’s hairdryer to get rid of the mirror fog. It will remove the condensation. I usually draw a box and it clears up quickly.

“Another option would be to take shaving cream and wipe it on the mirror before the shower – when you’re done with the shower wherever you put the shaving cream will be fog free.”

Experts suggest that you take your own hairdryer.

A study found that the most filthy parts of the rooms are the hairdryers.

The study was conducted by ABC, Charles Gerba, microbiologist, tested nine hotels in Los Angeles. The ratings ranged from three to five star.

The hairdryer in most hotels had more germs than the toilet seats.

According to some, the problem may be because hotel cleaners are more focused on things like the sink in the bathroom or the bath.

Similar to light switches and room service menus’ menus, hairdryers are touched by many guests but are not considered dirty.

This is because they get more and more filthy over time.

He said: “There must be some things you can do with a hairdryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy.”

You should also never sit on the hotel room chairs without putting something on top of it.

And a hotel cleaner has revealed the five things she never cleans.

A study has revealed the dirtiest parts of the rooms - and the humble hairdryer was one of the worst


A study revealed that the grimiest parts in the rooms were the hairdryers.Credit: Getty


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