“The Artful Escape” is a love-letter for those who dream of becoming rock stars.

Rock The SpacebarThis column is published twice a month and explores the amazing music that supports your favorite games. This week, Dom Peppiatt explores how studio head Johnny Galvatron of developer Beethoven & Dinosaur took a deeply personal journey about pressure, creativity, and identity and managed to make it into the best interactive concept album you’re ever likely to experience.

When I was a kid, I’d walk my dog up to an abandoned brick factory in the village I grew up in and sit listening to Iron Maiden CDs on my Sony Walkman. I’d imagine I was Bruce Dickinson, belting out ludicrous ballads about Icarus, the Crimean War, or Pagan rituals. When I was a teenager – after picking up a guitar – the fantasies shifted; now I was Johnny Marr or Tom Morello, showing off with my fingers and not my falsettos. Hitting adulthood, it all came together, and I’d walk around my University campus listening to Coheed and Cambria on Spotify and putting myself in place of Claudio Sanchez, shredding and singing at the same time.

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I don’t think you ever grow out of wanting to be a rockstar. It’s not true. I still play music recreationally, I’ve been in bands, and I try to write the odd song here and there. But playing games is what I do for a living – and I never thought a video game would scratch that daydreaming itch I’ve had for over 20 years. When I first started up my computer, I didn’t think so.The Artful Escape from fledgling developer Beethoven & Dinosaur, that I’d get to indulge my rockstar fantasies in such a complete and arresting way.

And that’s because it’s made by someone who knows the grimy, often-disappointing underbelly of the rock world. Someone who has been on tour and slept in vans. Also, someone who grumbles at the roadies for being too heavy-handed with all of that expensive gear. Johnny Galvatron – frontman of Aussie band, The Galvatrons – crafted the game from elements of his personal experience. Well, sort-of.

“[The Artful Escape is inspired by my time on the road], but I’d say it’s the opposite of my experience,”He tells me. “I found touring and the music scene to be unglamorous, odious, poverty-stricken and generally pretty sad. The Artful Escape is what I imagined the artistic lifestyle to be: a world of secret doors and unimaginable experiences. It’s a high school fantasy.”

Perhaps that’s why it resounds so harmonically with the brooding emo still skulking away inside me, then. In the game, you play as 17-year-old guitar prodigy Francis Vendetti, stuck in a small Colorado town living under the monolithic shadow of his definitely-not-Bob-Dylan uncle, Johnson Vendetti. Francis – after being chided he ‘wears folk like a cheap suit’ – sets off on a journey to discover himself in an odyssey that’s remarkably similar to a particularly vivid LSD trip one might have whilst listening to some ELO.

The result? An experience that’s probably more akin to a playable, genre-bending concept album than it is a traditional video game. And that’s such a bloody fantastic idea, I can’t believe it’s not been done before.

The Artful Escape. Credit: Beethoven & Dinosaur

“There’s a lot of theatre in The Artful Escape, it’s an overpowered rock opera,”Galvatron explained. “There are influences from across the musical spectrum but I’m usually attracted to artists that have a sense of fantasy and theatre: the wailing Steve Vai mysticism, Talking Heads Afrobeat, roaring 80’s cinema score, that dope solo in the intro of ‘God Gave Rock n Roll to You’ at the end of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, the Devo or Kraftwerk button-punching.”

Funny Galvatron is worth mentioning Bogus Journey, because that’s a pretty tight descriptor for The Artful Escape’s whole intergalactic premise. It’s simple: Hold right, jump occasionally, shred like an idiot so that you hover through the air and reach the next platform. But its simplicity doesn’t matter; the whole game looks like the cover of a Cream EP mixed with Yellow Submarine-era Beatles with a dash of King Crimson for good measure. This game is as much about Francis discovering his new sound as it is about finding the right accessories to fit his new persona. Because that’s what the glam or rockstar-dom is about, after all; the complete audio-visual package.

“I’ve always been attracted to the satellite aspects of artists’ creative mediums; not the music, but the image, the stage clothes, the rumours, the lighting, the film clips, the debauchery,”Galvatron. “I enjoy putting on a cape, because I write better songs when I’m wearing a cape.”

The Artful Escape. Credit: Annapurna Interactive
The Artful Escape Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Assumedly, Galvatron makes better games when he’s wearing it, too – there’s no criticism from me about The Artful Escape; it does everything I want a game about a 17-year-old’s self-centered journey to the center of stardom to do. What genre is better to display complete self-obsession that prog?

“There’s something historical and indelible about it. It is done,” says Galvatron when we ask him why this genre – in particular – was such a focus in the game, especially considering things like prog and glam aren’t really respected that much any more in the music space, let alone gaming. “The guitar is a medieval weapon in the drone-machine-gun world. However, it is the ultimate in self-indulgent excess and overblown excess. It’s perfect for wailing over as you skate across a purple alien glitter world. Plus it’s got a swell of sci-fi cover art to run our fingers through. And, ya know… I like it.“

Beyond extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional contemplation The Artful EscapeAlthough the game offers a superficial view of success and fame, there are deeper insights that anyone who is willing to look at it. The game asks you: ‘what’s in a name?’ Early on – following in the footsteps of Elton John, Eminem, Gene Simmons, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, and, yes, even Bob Dylan – you’re asked to discard the plain old Francis Vendetti moniker in favour of something more… suitable. It’s a process Galvatron has been through himself.

The Artful Escape
The Artful Escape. Credit: Beethoven & Dinosaur

“I kinda feel like, sometimes, the creative force within you doesn’t necessarily match with your vision of yourself,”He elaborates. “Sometimes it needs a new name to grow and to allow yourself the freedom to let it take control. Or, like me, your actual name is Jonathan Mole and you just cannot rock that.”

The Artful EscapeIt was a surprise that some gaming professionals caught sideways glances at the launch ‘didn’t have enough game in it’. However, I believe that such criticisms miss the point. This interactive musical project is about identity, finding yourself and letting go of that 17-year old inner child that never stops being sensitive. “This game is what we wanted it to be,”Galvatron. “I understand it floats around a few different mediums, and some people have trouble pinning it down, but I’m cool with that.”You’ll sound like a true fan of prog.

The Artful Escape. Credit: Annapurna Interactive
The Artful Escape Credit: Annapurna Interactive

“I wouldn’t change anything. This was our first game, we’re very proud of it. I generally don’t worry about what boxes I’ve gotta tick for it to be a ‘game’ or not, I just wanna do my thing.”

I think that’s what I like most about The Artful EscapeGalvatron was a prog fan for his unabashed prog style and 14-minute songs to close the album. Record labels aside, he opted to abandon gaming conventions in order to create something he loved. We’ve seen him flirt with many genres up to this point, but there’s something undeniably punk about that.

Let’s now turn our attention to the big question that all of us who have not had the opportunity to live the rockstar lifestyle must ask: The Artful Escape actually sum up what it’s like to get up on-stage, freed of your birth name, and rock out completely unselfconsciously? “It’s what it feels like in your head, not in real life,”Galvatron. “In real life it’s you crouching in a dark room with Vangelis on imagining yourself as a starman. It’s not very glamorous.”

That’s rock and roll, baby.

The Artful EscapeIt was released on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Jan 2022. In September 2021, it was launched for the first time on Xbox, PC, and IOS.


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