The Actor Chicago P.D. The Actor Chicago P.D. is applauded by fans after Season 9 Episode 17

Patrick John Flueger portrays Adam Ruzek “Chicago P.D.”According to his, there have been more than 170 episodes. IMDb profile. But, Season 9 was his best episode. “Adrift” — at least, many vocal fans think so.

“It’s about freakin’ time Paddy Flueger gets his day in the spotlight! This man turns everything he touches to gold,”Write “Chicago P.D.”Twitter fan account @ChicagoPDFans after the episode aired on Wednesday, April 6. Flueger’s work from the past was also highlighted in the tweet by the fan page. Flueger has appeared in many projects before. “Chicago P.D.,”This includes the “Hatfields & McCoys”Miniseries and episodes of “Criminal Minds.”

CinemaBlend producer @lah9891 tweeted, “If this episode already seems like an amazing showcase for Patrick John Flueger as Ruzek, just you wait!”Others, such as a Twitter user @Burzek_DadAdamThe actor was praised by the audience. Some were so caught up on the episode that they shared how impressed they were. stressfulIt was to be seen. Viewer @synsimmoThis tweet was sent by @StaffToReact to the Episode “Finally catching up on #ChicagoPD, and I am tense all over! I don’t like seeing #Ruzek suffer! That was rough.”

In “Adrift,”Ruzek goes underground and is forced to take dope. After this, Ruzek overdoses and is taken to the hospital. If that’s not dramatic enough, Ruzek’s life is thrown into a state of upheaval when his already fractured family unit — Burgess and young Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) — falls apart. In the last moments of the show, Ruzek speaks with Kim and decides it’s best for him not to stay.


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