Thailand’s Maya Bay is finally open again

The iconic Maya Bay beach, which was closed for nearly 4 years, has reopened.

The 2000 film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio made Thailand famous.


After being closed for four years, Thailand’s Maya Bay was reopened.

However, the popularity of the area led to its closure. The high number of tourists had caused extensive damage to local wildlife and corals.

It was shut down for the first time in 2018 to allow full recovery of its wildlife and corals.

Thai authorities stated that white-sand paradise was also suffering from the thousands of day-trippers visiting by boat.

Authorities initially said the beach – popular for backpacker day trips – was going to be closed for four months, but the reopening was repeatedly postponed.

Thon Thamrongnawasawat was the advisor to the Department of National Parks. AFP the ban on visitors would be extended until mid-2021.

After authorities delayed opening it during Covid, the facility has reopened.

Visitors are subject to new restrictions.

Speedboats won’t be allowed into the bay. A pier will drop passengers off at the back of island.

Eight boats are allowed per hour, and tourists can only visit the island for an hour between 10am-4pm.

This means that fewer than 2000 people will be allowed to visit the museum per day, as opposed to the 5,000 who visited it when it was open.

After Omicron was reintroduced, Brits will need to quarantine their return to Thailand.

Low-cost airline Scoot is even offering bargain flights to Thailand from just £170.

The beach closed due to overtousim damaging the local wildlife


Overtuitism has caused the beach to be closed.
There will be restrictions on the number of daily visitors


There will be a limit on the daily number of visitors
The 2000 film The Beach featuring Leonardo DiCaprio made the may famous


The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2000 was the most famous film of all timeCredit to Alamy
Trailer for The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio as a backpacker from America looking for hidden Thailand


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